52 Jessica Leone

Current Team

Jessica Leone is a part-time student at Suffolk Community College at Brentwood. She works full-time at Selden Animal Emergency Services. She hopes to get a job in animal law reinforcement with the ASPCA.

Jessica always wanted to play professional football.”I knew I wanted to play football since I was a kid. In my 6th grade year book were they ask you, what do you want to be when you get older I wrote a football player. I got made fun of by all the boys, but near my picture thats what it says.”

Jessica tried out for the team after hearing about them on TV. “I went to the try outs and made the team. My father was a coach for both of my brothers and I have always wanted to play. So when I saw the women on TV I was very excited and just told my dad that, that’s what i wanted.”

“I am looking forward to spending a lot of seasons with the New York Sharks. “