27 Darleen “Blue” Hall

Current Team

Darleen “Blue” Hall heard about the Sharks while playing basketball at a park in the East Village with some friends when someone mentioned the tryouts for the 2000 season. “I always said if there was ever a time that women would be playing football I would be there.” She showed up to the tryouts and everything else is history. She is now looking forward to her 14th consecutive season playing women’s tackle football.

Blue’s first season playing football (2000) she sat at free safety and learned all that she could about the game (mostly from the sidelines and in practice). For the 2001 season she took a chance as starting defensive end before settling into linebacker, special teams and a second string halfback for the 2002 season. She left the New York Sharks after the 2004 season and since then she has played linebacker, special teams and running back for 4 other teams across the country as far as Portland, Oregon. Blue was excited to return to the New York Sharks in 2011 where her football career began. In her career Blue has played in over 100 games against 45 teams in 22 states, played in 11 playoff games and 3 National Championships.

Some of her accomplishments include 4 Team Defensive MVP awards- which include back to back awards for the 2011 and 2012 season with the New York Sharks, 1 Team MVP Award, 14 game day defensive MVP awards, the Sharon Pascale Award in 2004, and winning a national championship with the New York Sharks in 2001. Blue is also a 3 time National All-American.

She wishes to thank owner Andra Douglas for the opportunity to live a dream as well as all the owners and organizations across the country that fight and work so hard to give us an opportunity to play. –And to all the Sharks and teammates who have helped her learn along the way (“You know who you are.”) especially Sharon.

Darleen recently decided to leave her position at Brooklyn Industries as Store Manager in the fall of 2012. She is currently working part time for West Elm in Dumbo, Brooklyn and working on a memoir about her mother.

“I just want to see more six year old girls playing tackle football someday and hope that everything that is happening now is just the beginning for female athletes and female football players”.